Covid-19 Safety – Labrador Requirements

4 February 2022

Dear members and supporters

Please review the following 7 action items before returning to hockey at Gold Coast Hockey Centre.  This is a minimum requirement to keep our hockey community safe.


We require all club members, supporters and guests to follow Queensland Health’s key directives to ensure competitions and events can proceed safely.


1. If you are unwell DO NOT ATTEND – STAY HOME and get tested
2. CHECK IN. Use the Check In Qld app. This is a condition of entry of Gold Coast Hockey Centre.
3. Observe GOOD HYGIENE at all times and use hand sanitiser and hygiene products, where provided.
4. PHYSICAL DISTANCING should be observed at all other times, where possible, excludes playing.
5. Wear a FACE MASK while not playing, where physical distancing is not possible (Qld Health Recommendation).
6. DO NOT STAY at hockey unnecessarily, especially on busy days.
7. To enter the clubhouse bar area, you will be required to be FULLY VACCINATED (evidence required). This is mandatory under Qld Office of Liquor and Gaming laws.

Please see below for more detailed information published 13 January by Qld Health.

Queensland Government Restrictions for sport, recreation, and fitness organisations

[Publication – – edited to remove references to other sports.

Note this Qld Govt publication was updated on 13 January 2022].


From 17 December 2021, the following restrictions have applied:

Outdoor sport

  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated persons are permitted to attend and participate.
  • Outdoor based organisations are not considered a restricted business, activity or undertaking. Therefore, organisations are not required to comply with the COVID Checklist.
  • It is not possible for contact sports to observe physical distancing while undertaking activity, however physical distancing should be observed at all other times, where possible.
  • Whilst not mandatory, it’s best practice to continue to clean frequently touched surfaces and shared equipment.
  • Collection of contact tracing information is not compulsory but recommended via the Check in Qld app.
  • Indoor spaces associated with outdoor venues such as clubhouses are required to follow occupant density requirements of one person per two square metres.


  • Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are permitted to outdoor community events. No occupant density limits apply. Contact information must be collected via the Check In Qld app.

Check In Qld app

The collection of contact information via the Check In Qld app will be mandatory for community facilities and recreation centres (i.e. GOLD COAST HOCKEY CENTRE)

Face masks

Face masks are required to be worn indoors everywhere in Queensland, except in your own home or accommodation, and where it is unsafe, such as while doing strenuous exercise.

Facemasks will be required in the Labrador Clubhouse and when you are not able to socially distance (1.5m).

Thank you for working with your club to keep yourself and our hockey community safe.

Andrew Proctor