Club History

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Chapter 1 – Establishment

Labrador Hockey Club was formed in 1967 as Labrador Hockey Club by committed parents of students from Labrador State School and began competing in the 1968 season.  The Club was incorporated in 1984 and changed its name to Labrador Sports Club Inc in 1994 after the introduction of baseball as a summer sport for its members.

Founding club members acquired the right to use the site on Musgrave Avenue from Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) where one hockey field was constructed by members as seen in the picture below.

Fig. 1 – first hockey field constructed by members @ Musgrave Ave c1968.

A repurposed small wooden clubhouse was established on Musgrave Avenue. Subsequently, members gradually developed a second grass field.  The family living on Musgrave Avenue where the units now stand provided permission to Labrador Hockey Club to use their land behind their house for hockey.  This land was eventually provided to GCCC. Subsequently Club members volunteered their time, funds and in-kind support to continuously develop the playing facilities, that included five hockey fields and a baseball diamond.

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The Club is very proud of its achievements and its family culture and continues to operate under its motto “Families Growing Together in Sport”.

Fig. 20 – Tigerstix ‘Cubs’ Junior Development with coach of the day Corey Weyer, current Australian Kookaburra and Labrador #stix player.