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hockey australia (HA) Member protection policy

Labrador Tigerstix as a club affiliated with Hockey Queensland adopts and is bound by the HA Member protection policy.  All members, and in particular club officials are required to familiarise themselves with the HA Member Protection Policy which aims to ensure that everyone involved in hockey can enjoy their sport in a healthy, safe way, and is aware of their rights and responsibilities. This Policy also provides the procedures that support our commitment to preventing and eliminating bullying, intimidation, discrimination, harassment, abuse or other forms of inappropriate behaviour.

As Australians we greatly value the importance of sport in our culture and our community, and we all have the right to enjoy our sport at whichever level we participate. This is part of our commitment to ensuring safe and harassment free sport for all of our participants, competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers and supporters.


Tigerstix Committee Position Descriptions 2023


Tigerstix Junior Match Time Policy 2022

Tigerstix Senior Match Time Policy 2022

Tigerstix Junior Team Selection Policy 2023

Tigerstix Senior Team Selection Policy 2022

Tigerstix Sportsmanship Expectations for Players 2022

Tigerstix Spectator Behaviour Policy 2022

Tigerstix Junior Codes of Conduct and Etiquette Policy 2022

Tigerstix Senior Codes of Conduct and Etiquette Policy 2022

Tigerstix Complaints Handling Procedure 2022

Synthetic Turf Usage PolicY:

Tigerstix Conditions of Turf Field Usage Policy 2022

Player Wellbeing Policies:

Covid-19 Safety requirements February 2022

Alcohol Illegal Drugs Policy 2021

Tigerstix Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy 2022

Tigerstix Child Drop Off & Collection Policy 2022

Tigerstix Healthy and Safe Sport Policy 2022

Tigerstix Player Injury Insurance Policy 2022

Concussion Policy 2021

Concussion Recognition tool 2019

Concussion Flowchart on field 2019

Concussion Management flowchart 2019

Concussion Flowchart off field 2019

Concussion return to sport Under 18 2019

Concussion return to sport Over 18 2019

general Policies:

Tigerstix Senior and Graded Junior Payment Policy 2022

Tigerstix Player Loyalty and Financial Commitments Policies 2022

Tigerstix Refund Policy for Registration Fees 2022