Hockey is Back – Important Information

Labrador Tigerstix teams are back to training.  New Return to Play Guidelines agreed to by Queensland Government, Hockey Queensland, Gold Coast Hockey Management Group (GCHMG), and all Gold Coast Hockey clubs must be adhered to until further notice.  This includes:

Download and keep active the Covid Safe app on your smartphone.

Parents are strongly encouraged to drop and go, or drop and wait in the car for junior players who are training in order to limit the number of spectators within the facility.  If it is necessary for parents to enter the venue they may only do so after players are on the field, with a designated Covid rep.  Parents must stay within the designated parent waiting area at all times and leave prior to players exiting the field (at 5 minute warning). A maximum of one parent for each child can enter and any non training siblings cannot enter at any time.

There will be NO ACCESS to any of the UPSTAIRS areas.

We ask that anyone intending to access the Gold Coast Hockey facilities reads the following information which applies to everyoneEntry to our facilities is acknowledgement that you have read and accepted ALL of the conditions below.

Please also review:


  • Return to Play Guidelines
  • GCHMG Covid Training Guidelines

Labrador Tigerstix Organisational requirements:

Each team will need to have a Covid Rep who has completed the Covid induction.  If the coach is the Covid Rep, there will be another Covid Rep to admit parents if necessary. If there is any team that does not have a Covid Rep, please contact your coordinator.  The Covid Rep will be required to perform the following duties:

  1. Meet players at the gate.
  2. Check off each player/attendee on the sign in sheet – no more than 20.  Cross out any not in attendance.  (This sheet MUST be forwarded to within 48 hours of training – or can be left with the GCHMG office at hockey).
  3. Ensure they use hand sanitiser and have safety gear on, only bring in their stick, water bottle and any necessary medication.
  4. Walk the team through to designated end of turf.
  5. Ensure no one touches anything.
  6. Ensure packup starts when 5 minute warning sounds.
  7. Post training – bring gear off the pitch.
  8. Sanitise training cones and balls used on concrete area outside field and adjacent to the dugout with bleach spray provided.
  9. See the team out safely.
  10. Leave a copy of the sign in sheet at the GCHMG office or send a copy of the sign in sheet to within 48 hours.

Entry to our facilities is acknowledgement that you have read and accepted ALL of the above.

Thanks for working with us to get our whole club back to training and ready for the hockey season ahead.