There are two separate registrations and fees payable for players playing GCHA U12, U14, Open Juniors, Senior Men and Senior Women.

If you are not sure what subscription to choose in either part – contact registrar@labradorhockey.org.au BEFORE you register.

1. Hockey Queensland Fee which includes Hockey Australia Fee and insurance and Hockey Queensland Fee.  This must be paid at the time of doing the HQ online registration.  This fee goes to HQ and has nothing to do with Labrador.
N.B. A ‘Secondary Dual’ Registration is for someone who is Primary registered in another Queensland Association other than Gold Coast Hockey Association e.g. someone who also plays in a Brisbane or Tweed competition.

Subscription TypeHA, HQ and Insurance fee paid online
SENIOR Player Levy (19 and over)
Secondary SENIOR Player Levy (19 and over) - Primary rego other than Labrador$0
STUDENT Player Levy (19 to 24)
and a Full-time Student
Secondary STUDENT Player Levy (19 to 24)
and a Full-time Student
JUNIOR Player Levy (playing U12-Open)
Secondary JUNIOR Player Levy (playing U12-Open) - Primary rego other than Labrador

2. Fees paid to Labrador which cover GCHA Team Fee, GCHA Volunteer Levy, Season Training Fees, Labrador Club Fee and Season Match Fees for playing in 1 team.  These can be paid either upfront or by payment plan. See Payment Options for further information.
N.B. Extra fees apply to players who choose to play and are selected in either two junior or two senior teams for Labrador.  Please indicate this request in your registration and if selected in a second team the registration will be changed and the extra fees will be added at a later date.
Full fee paid to Labrador by 24th May 2024
GCHA Senior Stix$620
GCHA Graded Stix also playing in a Senior Team$620
GCHA Graded Stix Playing U14 or Open Juniors$350
GCHA Graded Stix Playing U12 ONLY$320