Hockey5’s Summer Hockey 2023/24

Exciting News Stix!

There’s a new summer social hockey format in town!

For those who had a chance to try Hockey5’s during the Oceania World Cup qualifiers, you know this is going to be FUN!

A fast-paced, five-a-side, quarter-pitch hockey with rebounding boards (no outs!) and goals can be scored from anywhere.

What is Hockey5’s Summer Hockey?

The inaugural GCHA Hockey 5s competition will run for a 10 week season commencing Tuesday 3rd October.
This will align with the general schooling term with games commencing from 5:30pm.

The competitions are either single gendered or mixed – with mixed requiring a minimum of 2 female players on the pitch at all times during play (or a maximum of 3 males, whichever way you want to look at it) for a maximum of 5 players on the pitch at any given time.

Competition is being run by Gold Coast Hockey Association and is not a club-run competition. It is a social comp and players are encouraged to form their own teams, team names and uniforms etc. A great opportunity to get your mates involved in hockey!

Tuesday Nights

  • U12 Boys & Girls
  • Division 1 & 2 Men
  • Division 4 Women

Wednesday Nights

  • U14 Goys & Girls
  • Division 3 Men & Women
  • Mixed Seniors

Thursday Nights

  • U18 Mixed
  • Division 1 & 2 Women
  • Mixed 50’s+ Masters

What Do I Need To Know About Hockey5’s Rules?

You can read the Hockey5’s rules in the document link below.

Hockey5s Rules

How Do I Register for Hockey5’s?

Team registrations will close 20th September 2023.


The fees to enter a team into the Hockey5’s compeition is $750. (This is per TEAM, not per player).
Teams must make payment of all fee instalments by the required due dates as follows:
1st Instalment 20th September $250
2nd Instalment 12th October $250
3rd Instalment 2nd November $250

  • Players who currently hold a Hockey Queensland 2023 registration (full calendar year rego) will already be covered to participate. Social registrations will be available for new players who didn’t participate in the 2023 season
  • Grading rules are the same as the 2023 GCHA winter competition. In addition to allow fairness, but also opportunities for players to engage with other friends and players in teams, 2023 registered players should not participate in a graded competition 1 division lower then their team listed winter competition team. This is inclusive of GCHA graded competition and teams in other associations. Where a player has not played any 2023 winter competition they will be eligible to play any graded division.
  • As goalies may be difficult to come by, there will additionally be allowances for goalies to play across multiple teams.
  • Umpires will be allocated by GCHA for games and the cost has been built into the general team costs. An expression of interest for those interested in umpiring will be sent out in the coming weeks for those who are interested. Umpires will be required to have full field hockey umpiring experience

If you have any questions about Hockey5’s or creating a team, please contact Sandy at Gold Coast Hockey Association on

Gold Coast Hockey Association can also assist players to source teams. However, we have also set up a Hockey5’s – Summer Hockey Facebook Group for players to connect and source teammates which all players are welcome to join (not just Labrador Players).