BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR ONLINE LABRADOR REGISTRATION, you will be given the choice of the following.  

You MUST choose one of these options.

1. A) Pay in full with Credit Card – Use your credit card to pay the total amount due at the time of online registration
B) Pay Some with Credit Card –
The remainder needs to be paid by bank transfer before the relevant Payment Day (see below for Payment Days) or by cash, cheque or credit card on the relevant Payment Day.

2. Apply for a Payment Plan –If you don’t wish to pay in full on or before the relevant Payment Day you will need to set up a Payment Plan.  This is done online before completing the registration process.  You will need to pay 20% of the total invoice at this time and then you have the choice whether to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You will be guided through setting this up and accepting the terms and conditions.  N.B. Junior Development fees cannot be paid this way.  If you are unsure how to do this or need to discuss your circumstances please contact Megan Ward Registrar registrations@labradorhockey.org.au or 0412488666.

3. Pay another way – An invoice will be generated and emailed to you and you will need to then organise to pay either at the relevant payment/sign-on day by cash, cheque or credit card or by bank transfer into the following Bendigo Bank account:
Acct Name: Labrador Sports Club
BSB: 633000
Acct Number: 140173253|

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES PLEASE EMAIL registrations@labradorhockey.org.au